Friday, October 31, 2008

Save the last dance for me!

My Mom will for sure be having words with me when she sees I have posted this picture, but just look at Dad:)

I think this is one of the very best pictures of him smiling. I want to always see this smile in my mind. This was one of the many dances they went to. They have always enjoyed their association with the church and its members. It looks as though this was the end of the evening with just another couple dancing by them. My Dad was always happy as long as 'his' Val was with him.

(Gary, wearing his 'Hull Kingston Rovers' shirt. Picture taken in Hull City Center, May 2008)

I was chatting with my brother in law, Gary this past week and he shared one of his funniest memories of my Dad with me. As soon as he told me , I started to laugh as I remember my Dad telling the story.

One day they (Gary and my Dad) were driving home from somewhere (maybe it was Car Boot :) They were looking at the registration plates on the cars around them and making up names from them. They did this for quite some time that they were laughing so hard at the names they were coming up with. Laughing so hard that my Dad bumped the car in front of him whilst in traffic. Even that did not stop them laughing. The guy in the car got out and walked over to Dad's car. All the while, Gary and Dad were still laughing. The guy pulled open the door and Gary told me my Dad was laughing so very hard he practically fell out of the car. Still laughing, he told the guy there was nothing wrong with either car and everyone was fine. The guy walked back to his car and STILL Dad and Gary were laughing helplessly.

Although I wasn't there, I can only imagine the whole thing. I have seen my Dad many times laughing so much he has tears streaming down his face. I know we will all be smiling, laughing and have tears streaming down our faces when this life is over and we all see each other think of living together forever makes my little heart sing.

Laughter! It's the best medicine!

"We love you Dad"

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