Saturday, November 1, 2008

In this very room

This is a room where I have spent many hours, shared many memories and now shed many tears thinking about. This is the front room in my parent's home in England. The last time I was in this room, I felt a wonderful spirit surrounding it (Not only this room but the whole house). It was very peaceful and serene and I spent many hours just watching my Dad as he slept. I remember just wanting an absolute miracle to be performed and for him to stand up and be his normal physical self. I had many wonderful feelings when I thought on the time when he indeed would be his normal physical self, not in this life but definitely in the one after.

It is also known as the 'furnace' room. A few posts back, I mentioned how I would sit in the family room with Dad whilst my Mom and Rebecca sat in this room. Just looking at the fire, makes me sweat as I remember the heat that used to suffocate you as you opened the door. :)

Last year the city was flooded and my parents had to leave their house for 6 months. That was yet another trial for them. Only today I was thinking of how a year ago they were 'homeless' so to speak whilst their house was a complete wreck. So many things to be grateful for and one of those things is that this did not happen 'this' year. I cannot even imagine their lives if it this was the case.

This is the room where I saw Manchester United win Chelsea last May. It went to a penalty shoot out and I believed I raised the roof when ManUtd sealed the victory to win the cup. Dad was never 'into' football/soccer. His love and passion for rugby league was too strong. He really got frustrated as the football players 'danced' around kicking a ball. :) However, he did sit and watch this game with me. He didn't last the whole game (due to all the 'dancing' around :) but lasted longer than I thought.

Today I watched the game between Manchester United and Hull City. As an avid fan of ManUtd, it was difficult for me to not actually want them to win. I really wanted Hull City to win and was cheering them all the way. Personally, I think they did an awesome job. With Ronaldo scoring in the first three minutes, I knew this was going to be tough for Hull, but their performance was great. I was disgusted with Wayne Rooney, striker for ManUtd. I was so hoping he would not score (as he would have celebrated his 100th goal for the club). He really acted like a big baby and I kept telling him to stop throwing his toys out of his crib. I really could hear my Dad's voice as I was thinking and saying things about his childish and unprofessional behavior.

I have no clue about any of the rules in Rugby League. I often wish I would have taken the time to at least have Dad explain how the game is played. Before Dad got as sick as he is, he would often ask me if I had seen the rugby scores. I had no interest in rugby at all and now I really wish I could have taken the time to learn about it. I often take a look at the game now and think back on the days when my Dad would run like 'lightnin' down the rugby field to score for his team, the one and only 'Hull Kingston Rovers'.

"We love you Dad"

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