Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Dad really loved having his picture taken. He would pose anywhere for one!

In fact, just today I was wondering what I would ever do if I needed to start a blog for my Mom. She really does not like having her picture taken and thinks you have to be all 'done' up in order to have a pic. Truth be told, she looks better when she gets out of bed in the morning than most women who are ready for the day! (I have many pictures of her holding her hand or arm up in front of her face.)

This picture was taken in London. Michael (my brother) served his mission in London and my parents went to pick up when he had finished. The little girl in the picture was Linda Lotfian's daughter. Michael baptized Linda. Not quite sure what she is doing in the picture. ;)

I told Dad he should have looked all scared in this picture. He laughed as much as to say "ME! SCARED!" (Afterall we were talking to Rocky :)

Dad used to love watching nature programs. Anything with wildlife would really intrigue him. I spent many occasions watching the programs with him and really miss those times.

We love you Dad!

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