Friday, October 3, 2008

Life is Good

Although this picture is out of focus, I just HAD to post it. This picture was taken at 'Lido'. It was an outdoor swimming pool in East Park. We went there often. It was so much fun. Rebecca's favorite color was red and everything that was bought for her seemed to be red. Look at her cute smile. Jared looks like he is really enjoying being in the water. We spent so much time at the beach and in swimming pools that this now is one of my favorite things to do as a family. Living in Utah, we are a long way away from the beach. We go to swimming pools and lakes!(Look in the far left corner......Why did I think of the music from "JAWS?" :)

Dad taught us all to swim. We loved doing things as a family. Our parents were never too busy to do fun things with us. It is amazing what memories come back by simply looking at pictures.

Speaking of water, there is a huge ocean that separates me from my Dad right now. One day, there will be nothing to separate us. Not even death!

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