Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey Good Lookin'

Well I know this picture has seen better days but I had to post it. If you are having trouble wondering which one is my Dad, here is the clue! He is the best looking! Wasn't he handsome?

We used to tell him 'Dad you were so good lookin' when you were younger.' He would respond, 'What do you mean WERE, I still am!'

He has told me many stories of his childhood, his teenage years and of his life in general. Many of my friends encouraged me to ask Dad lots of questions about 'him' when I was in England this past May. I did not have to do that as my Dad has told his children many stories about his life. I loved hearing them.

I used to laugh when he would tell me of all the girls who would flirt and hang out with him. I can totally see why. He has always told us how, Val (our Mother) was the one and only love of his life. He loves her so much and what a blessing to know that they can be together forever. Every year, Dad would send Mom a Valentine's card and he would ALWAYS write "To my VALentine."

'We love you Dad!'

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