Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God save the Queen

This was the year that Queen Elizabeth was crowned Queen of England. (My friend Deb, will be very proud of me for posting something about the Queen. )

(Taken from the picture above)
Children enjoying themselves at the Pelham Street, Drypool, Hull, 1953 Coronation Party are seen in this photograph.
In the black cap, off centre, is John Sims and third left from John is David Sims. Norma Sims is at the front, fourth right.

I spotted my Dad right away in this photograph. He was 13 (14 in Nov). What a wonderful man he turned into.

I am sure many of you are wondering how my Dad is. Thank you for your concern, your love and prayers. The Doctor was very shocked that my Dad was still alive this morning. He said it was a miracle. I was convinced I would have been on a plane heading for England today. Dad has a body as weak as my bank account and a spirit as strong as an Ox.

Dad is hanging on for something. He is the birthday boy on the 28th of next month. Wonder if he is waiting for that. :)

"We love you Dad"

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Deb said...

Can't beleive you actually posted about the Queen. Next, you'll have something nice to say about her. :)

Love, Deb