Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 71st birthday in Heaven, Dad

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dad !

Dad would have been 71 today.  JUST 71!  I used to think that was 'so old' as a child but now I am older, it is so young :))  Many say time heals and things get easier as time passes.  Not for me.  The more time that passes, the more I miss him.  I wish I could hear his voice! I wish I could see him! I wish I could talk with him!

Without a doubt, I know Dad is in a wonderful place.  I know he is free from all earthly cares and pains.  I know he is with all his wonderful family and friends who have passed on.  I know he is teaching his fellowmen the teachings of Jesus Christ and his gospel.  Really, who would want to come back to earth to go through all what we do if you are 'living' like that? 

Of course, as humans our instincts are those of 'wants' and 'needs'.  I want my Dad. I need my Dad.  He has helped me so much in my life that I wonder how I can possibly carry on.  I often find letters and postcards that he sent me.  Lance passed me one today that had ETTE on it.  Lance asked me what that meant!  I smiled as I told him my Dad would often say to me "Endure to the End".

I know Dad has passed his test.  I know he is in a wonderful place.  He is not in a grave buried feet under.  His mortal body is there awaiting the resurrection.  His spirit was never buried in there.  His spirit is as free as a bird. 

I often wonder how it feels to him to miss us, his family.  I KNOW he does.  I know he will be looking forward to the day when we shall see him again.  I often wonder who will be the first in our family to meet him.  I often wonder why he had to suffer like he did.  I often wonder why he couldn't be cured of his cancer.  Many people fight cancer (and my Dad was a fighter) and live.  I do a lot of 'wondering'.  My mind always comes back to the fact that Heavenly Father needed him!  Needed him to exercise his knowledge in what we know as the Spirit World. 

As I was thinking of Dad today on his 'birthday', I thought how the world was a much better place for him being here.  He gave to many his time, talents, testimony and love, to name but a few.

A friend of ours, Heather Baldwin who remembers my Dad as 'her Bishop' when she joined the church wrote this about him on her Facebook Status -

Happy Birthday in heaven to John Sims. A wonderful Father, Husband and Bishop. My thoughts go out to his Bride Val and to his children' Michael, Maxine,Rebecca and Jared. Thanks for blessing my life with your presence and for the help, years ago, and do you know what? I probably do owe you that tenner :)

What a HUGE blessing to have such a wonderful Father.  Not just for earthly life - but for the eternities. 
Families ARE Forever :)

We love you always Dad!