Thursday, October 2, 2008

Those were the days my friend!

I am crying! I am not sure if it is because of great memories of Dad or because of the picture of me! :)
Seriously, this is really hard on me! The last thing I do at night before going to bed is post to this blog and it is quite the routine now to cry for 30 minutes :)

I asked Rebecca (my sister), to email me some more pictures. As soon as I saw this, I burst out laughing. The short dress, the long socks, the glasses, the fact that I look as if I need to go to the toilet/restroom. Looking more at the picture, I think I am standing on my tip toes, so I may even be doing one of my ballet practices.

I made this my screensaver at work and had fun showing my friends this picture. They said they could tell it was me because of the smile.

This picture was taken after church one Sunday. We lived in Anson Road, Bilton Grange. I loved that house. I have many, many memories! All happy ones. Look at my Dad's hair. He sure has plenty of it and all dark. What a guy.....I remember him always spending time with his family. He always had time for us. I don't ever remember Dad being gone when we were children. He couldn't bare to be without us. The only time he was gone was with his church duties, which included a trip to Salt Lake City, UT when he was the Bishop.

A couple of childhood memories :

Michael and I used to pretend to be 'shopkeepers'. We would take all the clothes out of our wardrobes/closets and hang them around the room. We would make signs and put them on the doors and walls. As soon as we heard Mom or Dad coming up the stairs, we would 'shove' everything back into the closet, praying they wouldn't open the doors. There were many narrow escapes!

Dad took Michael, Rebecca and I out on the sledge/sled. Snow is very rare in Hull. When it does snow, it doesn't normally lay but this particular year (I believe it was 74) it snowed hard and it looked wonderful. Dad was pulling us and we were loving it, laughing and screaming. Dad turned round and noticed there was a child missing. Rebecca had fallen off! She was wondering what the heck had happened.

When I was in England in May, my Mom gave me a letter that one of my teachers had sent to her. It read:

Dear Mrs. Sims,

It seems that Maxine has 'lost' her glasses again. She didn't wear them today , nor yesterday. Should she be wearing them? (I had told the teacher that my eyes suddenly were all 'better' and I didn't need them anymore :)
They do have a scratch on them which could have happened during playtime/recess whilst she was doing tipple tales. (Don't know the American term for that :)

Please let me know if Maxine should be wearing them.

Thank you
Mrs Hodgson
Maybury Road PrimaryElementary School

If I could go back in time to a certain time period, it would be these years but I believe I would invent kiddies contact lenses first :)

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