Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beach Babe

Here is Brooke, another of Dad's Grand daughters.

This is Jared's and Candace's oldest daughter. Dad did so much for Brooke. They had a special relationship. Jared and his family moved to South Africa earlier this year. It was a hard decison for Jared especially knowing of Dad's illness. Dad gave him his blessing and told him he needed to do what was right for his family. They are very happy and are enjoying life.

I mentioned in an earlier post how much we all enjoyed going to the beach. I remember how my Dad would just run right in to the sea, no matter the temperature and dive right in. He loved the water. He enjoyed taking his children and grandchildren to the seaside and having fun. We went to the swimming pool on many occasions too. He taught me how to swim. I remember his swimming trunks were black and amber striped. I am still surprised they weren't red and white.

Thanks Dad for all the happy memories! :)

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