Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A memory in Mersey Street!

This picture was taken at our home in Mersey Street. Mike and Karen Young were visiting us from Salt Lake. I remember the Humber Bridge had just been built. Mike had become very good friends with my Dad and they have kept in touch all these years.

Dad was serving as the Branch President of the Hull North Branch at this time. We were still living in the boundaries for the Hull 2nd ward but this is where my Dad was called to serve. I was not so thrilled to leave my friends and was very upset about the decision. My Dad taught us that we must do as the Lord commands no matter what. We met some wonderful people in the branch.

One memory I have of living here was when I had fallen out of friends with a gal called 'Lynette'. She was older than me and was pretty rough. She came to the house with another friend and told me she wanted to be friends. I was so happy to hear this as I didn't like to have bad feelings and especially liked her. When we got outside, she started punching me. I was so shocked and realized then that she had 'pretended' to want to be friends again and told me this as a ways to get me outside. She hurt not only my face but my feelings.

I went into the house and my Dad asked what had happened. I told him what had happened and he put on his shoes and jacket. We went to my friends house and her Dad came to the door with a hammer. I thought the guy was crazy. My Dad told him he hadn't come for a fight and that is all I remember.......

My Dad always stuck up for his children. He would defend them always. He wouldn't lie or act as if we never did anything wrong but he was always there for us.

We often laughed about this experience. He never did understand why the guy came to the door with a hammer. Hey they didn't call him 'Rocky' for nothing :)

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Alan Tong said...

Maxine, I remember Mike Young really well. I got in touch with him via Mission.net a couple of years ago, but he was totally unaware of who I was. (I have that effect on people.)