Saturday, October 25, 2008

Loving Life

This picture was taken in May, 2006 in Las Vegas. We went hiking in the red rock mountains. Look at the beautiful background. It was a very hot day. Dad loved wearing his 'England' hats and always struck up a conversation with everyone wherever he went. He loved to talk about his country. He was especially proud of the city he was born and grew up and has lived most of his life, 'Hull'. Dad would talk about his church, his family, his friends and simply LOVED talking to people.

Today, like all days, I have been thinking of all the wonderful things Dad has done for his family. Nothing was too much to ask! Nothing was too much to give! Whatever he could do would be done with a giving heart. This morning our son John had his last soccer match of the season. He has really loved playing and has shot some awesome goals. I was planning on going...UNTIL......I turned on the TV to find Manchester United was playing Everton. I decided to stay home. During the game, I started to feel really guilty as I knew I should have gone to see John play his last match. This was especially fun, as they were able to play in their halloween costumes, so SPIDERMAN was there in his glory! The fact that Man Utd drew 1-1 with Everton made me feel even worse :)

So I got to thinking how Dad as much as he loved his beloved 'Rovers' always put us first. Granted he would have his walkman or his car radio on if they were playing but he was with us and that was all that mattered. Wherever we wanted to go, whatever we wanted to do, Dad would do it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

John said it was 'Okay' that I stayed home and Lance recorded the game, but still I felt I had let my family down.

This is one feeling my Dad would never ever have felt in his life.

"We love you Dad"

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