Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The lion is NOT asleep tonight

I thought this would be a good follow up post to yesterdays. I have mentioned before and will continue to mention just how much my parents have been inseperable over the years. If one gets eaten by a lion, then the other one simply has to be too!!! :)

I cannot even comprehend how my Mom must be feeling now. She and my Dad have known each other for 50 something years. She is taking such good care of my Dad and I know she must be simply worn out, both physically and mentally. There will come a day that she will be emotionally worn out but for the time being she is hanging in there.

We have conversations daily and I am amazed by her strength. She is giving her all and truly is a wonderful example. She is living true to her marriage vows "In sickness and in health."
I always pray for her. I thank God for her selfless sacrifice and for taking such good care of my Dad.

The only time I have ever known my Mom to be ill was when she got salmonella (food poisioning) at a wedding reception.
It was whilst she was in the hospital that we truly realized Dad would never cope without her. We were all young at the time and I gotta tell you, my Dad is NO chef. We lived on cereals and sandwiches and take out food. The one time he did cook for us, he made us meat pies. He put them on a plate and we all looked at each other. I said "Dad, these pies are not cooked,they look a little 'pale.' He said "They are cooked, we have blessed the food so they will be ok." As a young child, I simply looked at him and said "Yeh and I bet they blessed the food at the wedding too." :)

I really believe if the situation was the other way round and my Mom was suffering with the illness, my Dad would want to be in the lions mouth for real!! :)

We love you Dad!

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