Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll get by with a little help from my friends

This is a picture of a wonderful family friend, Gill Hanslip and my son John.

I have heard many times how much Gill and her husband, Colin have rendered acts of service and kindness to my parents. When my Mom told me today during our daily phone call how Gill had made and taken a dinner over to her, I just simply had to call Gill and let her know how deeply grateful I was. On many occasions I have thought how wonderful a person she is and have even thanked God for blessing my Parents with such a wonderful friend. Today, I KNEW it was time I called her to tell her to thank her personally.

I don't think I had said more than one sentence when I started to cry. I tried hard to fight the emotions, but it was too much of a struggle. Gill shared some very nice thoughts with me and told me what a wonderful job my Mom was doing. How she was staying strong and how she would sit next to my Dad on the sofa and she and how they would cuddle up to each other. My Dad would lay his head on her and she would kiss his head. Gill also told me how you could see the love my parents had for each other.

It was really wonderful to hear such great things being said. My Mom used to work for Gill at a care home and she knows very well just how caring my Mom is. To see her care for my Dad as she does is very touching to many. Although I cannot see this, I KNOW she is doing her best and more to take care of him and attend to his needs.
When Lance and I took our family to England in the Summer of 2007, Gill and Colin invited us to their house for dinner. The food was so good. Look at this dessert. It was a choice of chocolate cake or strawberries and ice-cream. It all looked that good that we had some of it all.

Colin is the kind of guy you could sit and talk with all night. We were talking about memories and funny stories and it was really enjoyable. My daughter Kayleigh was enjoying her dessert so much, she really didn't care about joining in the conversation:)

I wasn't going to post this picture but couldn't resist when I noticed that Dad and I were both eating a strawberry at the same time and the strawberry was positioned in our mouths on the same side!! My husband, Lance always has a camera at the ready....even when you have a mouth full of food. I am so glad he captured this moment, however!

Gill was the perfect hostess. She saw to her every need and more! This picture shows how wonderful at serving she is and she has proven herself over and over with her tender acts of kindness and compassion.
Tonight, like every night, I will thank my Father in Heaven for blessing us with such wonderful friends. Friends who go above and beyond. Thank you Gill. May God bless for your kindness.

"We love you Dad"

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