Monday, October 27, 2008

Missionary Monday

Facebook! What a wonderful internet site. For those who are not familar with it, it is a fabulous way to connect with people. This is how I found (Elder) Aaron Ravonsheed seen in the picture above standing up. I sent him a message asking if he remembered 'John Sims' of which I KNEW the answer. I asked if he would e-mail me a memory of Dad so I could share it today. He did it right away. This is one fine attribute. No questions asked, no excuses! This is an attribute that my Dad possessed.

Here is what Aaron wrote:

"What I remember about John is his never ending questions about what I thought about rugby league!
He never tired telling us about his days playing for Hull KR and he always made sure we knew he loved his wife!
I really enjoyed talking to John about Doctrine and hearing his quotes as well as all his book recommendations. I bought about 20 books from him:)
John uses jokes to keep life bright and funny. He was real picky about the temperature in the house and he always wanted to have control over the remote for the TV.
John has a kind spirit and was generous with what he had.
He got really jealous when I hugged and kissed Val after my mission:)
John's a good guy and a good friend.
Miss you man, love you Val"

Thanks Aaron for sharing this special memory. I did get a chuckle when I read about Dad being picky with the temperature of the house. This is how I got to know my Dad so well. I would sit in the family room with Dad, whilst Mom and Rebecca would sit in the front room with the fire so high, you felt like you had walked into a furnace.

"We love you Dad"

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