Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hopelessly devoted to you!

Here are my two youngest children, Olivia and John. (Olivia Newton John and John Travolta ::)

I told them to 'pucker' up so I could send the picture to 'Grandad' and let him know they were sending kisses. John decided to kiss Olivia just as I was taking the picture. It was too cute to not use. (Plus it is a great 'blackmail' picture to show at his wedding :) I will place a copy of this picture amongst other things in a 'treasure' box that I will place in my Dad's grave.

I have a picture of my Mom and Dad on a table in our family room and today John picked it up and said "Mommy, Grandad will be going to live with God and Jesus soon won't he?" I told him he most certainly would and we would all see him again one day. He said "That's good! He will be in the temple when we see him."

What a great legacy my Dad will leave with us.

We love you Dad!

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carolm said...

what an adorable picture max. i love it.

xox ~ carol.