Thursday, October 16, 2008

The wonderful world of Disney

Here is Brooke with Grandad and Sully! Brooke is wearing her 'Cinderella' dress.

Jared and Candace took my Mom and Dad with them to Disneyworld, Paris in 2005. In the almost 8 years I have lived in UT, 2005 was the only year I didn't see my parents.

Here is a picture of Brooke and Dad with Pinocchio. I am not 'lying' when I tell you that in order to see the bottom picture properly, you will need to turn your laptop upside down.

Brooke dressed up as Snow White in the top picture with Dad and Mom and then Mom, Brooke, Minnie Mouse and Dad in the bottom picture.
This was a full year before my Dad found out about his cancer. He has spent his life being with his family and doing whatever he could that would make them happy.

Speaking of fairy tales, princesses and Disney characters, I wish I could wave a magic wand, just like a princess and make him well. I wish I could be like Pinocchio and lie and say he was well again. (I can remember how my Dad said just as Jiminy Cricket said to Pinocchio 'always let your conscience be your guide'!!) I wish I could be like Minnie Mouse and always smile. Hey at least she is wearing my Dad's favorite colors. ;) (Up the Robins!)

There is something much better, much more powerful than wishing. It is called hope. It is called Salvation. HE is called Jesus!

We love you Dad!

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