Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The time is near

Dear Friends,

I received a call this evening from my Mom. She called me at 1:30am (Time in England). My Dad has had a rough evening and she called the Doctor to pay a house visit. The Doctor told my Mom it is likely my Dad won't make it through the night.

One thing that will make it through this night and many more to come is his love for his family and their love for him.

"We love you Dad"


Deb said...


All I can say is he is on his way home. My life is better for having known him. I'm sorry

Love, Deb

savery711 said...

God be with you 'til me meet again, mate!

Alan Tong said...


The earth will be a lesser place for your dad's passing.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Dear Brother Sims. I have thoroughly enjoyed remembering my own loving memories of you. I am so glad to have had the honor of knowing you. Much love, "Sister Waters" (Dana--1986 Hull England, with Sister Taylor)