Saturday, October 11, 2008


What a busy day! This morning started with the annual walk for breast cancer. 3 years ago, Aunt Ruthie (on Lance's side) passed away from breast cancer. The family and friends that I was walking with decided to 'finish' the walk after 2 laps of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, UT. I wanted to complete the full 5 mile walk so walked the last lap by myself.

This gave me time to contemplate. As I walked and jogged and laughed and cried, I thought about my Dad (as I do all the time!). I asked many questions: "Why him?"/"Why when he is so young?"/"Why does he have to suffer?"/"Why when he is such a good man?"/"Who will be next?"

Having lost a grandma, a husband, three aunts, one uncle and numerous friends to cancer, I wonder why does it now have to be my Dad.

I don't know all the answers, but what I do know is that I have to put my trust and faith in God.

We love you Dad !

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Alan Tong said...

Maxine, I guess we will always question why, for some, Autumn will come early. It is one of the great questions in life.

Just look at what your dad has put into his sixty-odd years of life though. Some men live into their 90's and achieve much less.

How many men will ever achieve the greatness he has as a husband, father, friend, Bishop. He fulfilled his ambition to play for Rovers, and pulled on the cherished red and white jersey. He has friends galore, and is widely respected.

You will probably be aware that your dad has asked me to speak at his funeral. I have spoken at funerals before where I have thought, "What can I say?" This time I am having to ask myself, "What do I leave out?" There is so much that I can say of a personal nature that is good and uplifting. You said in an earlier posting on your blog that your dad would have liked to have been six foot tall. He may not have been tall physically, but he was a giant of a man spiritually.

That your parting is not permanent is a given, as is the great reward that is awaiting your dad and my friend. (I bet your dad gets Peter with the ten quid joke at the Pearly gates!!)

Warm regards,