Sunday, October 5, 2008

In memory of a wonderful friend - Becky Stuart

This evening whilst I was helping our oldest daughter, Natalie with a talk for seminary, Lance came downstairs with a worried look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he told me "Becky Stuart (far right) passed away this morning." I instantly shed tears.

Becky was diagnosed with cancer. (Seems like so many of my friends and loved ones have been.) She was so positive, so determined to live life to the full.

Last Summer whilst we were in England visiting my family, my Parents and I went to Beverley. We had just finished eating lunch when my Dad spotted the missionaries. I know that is not hard to do...:) My Dad has led his life doing missionary work and I don't think there is one missionary who knew him whose life he did not touch.

He called me over and introduced me to the missionaries. Elder (Brock) Stuart told me he was from Sandy, UT. I instantly smiled and said "I know this is an off the wall question but do you know the Conrad family?" He smiled and said "Yes they are in my ward." Talk about a small world.

Elder Stuart was a Zone Leader at the time and was only visiting Beverley. He was actually serving in the Hull 1st Ward. At this time, the Stake Center where the members of his ward met was being refurbished so they had to meet in the Hull 2nd Ward which was our for our 6 week vacation, we got to see Elder Stuart every week after church. He looked especially pleased when we invited him over for dinner and when we told him we would be cooking Mexican food, he could hardly wait. Thanks to my sister in law, Candace we made a wonderful dinner. (My idea of a wonderful dinner is GOING to a restaurant!) ;)

The name 'Stuart' sounded familiar to me. When I was dating Lance, I had gone to his ward on several occasions. I didn't know at this point how familiar the name really was. Elder Stuart asked if I would take home some of his journals (that was great reading for the plane......JUST kidding!) I was more than happy to do so. He had a family picture in the package I was taking home and as soon as I saw his family, I knew who they were. In fact, his Mom Becky, was at my bridal shower. His Father, Dennis used to be Lance's Bishop and served on the Stake Presidency for quite some time.

I called Becky when I got back from England and arranged to go visit them and drop off Elder Stuart's package. It was great to visit with them. They remembered my Dad. This shows you how much my Dad loved church, he would go to our ward in the morning and then to my in-laws ward in the afternoon. During my parents last visit here, last Christmas, my Dad bore his testimony in the Stuart's ward and gave them an update on 'Elder Stuart'.

This picture was taken at Dennis and Becky's daughter's wedding. We were all invited to the reception and it was great to spend time with them. I have had several phone conversations with Becky and her faith was amazing. She truly was a wonderful lady.

Just this past week I called Brock to arrange a time to get together. He told me anytime except Sunday as they were having family pictures. Instead their Wife, Mom and Grandma went 'home' to be with her Heavenly Parents.

My love goes to the 'Stuart' family. May God bless you during this very painful and heart wrenching time. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of life beyond the grave and I know that this knowledge we share will bring you the comfort you need at this time.

Lean on my Brock, for I will need to lean on you one day soon!

'Til we meet again' dear Becky!

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