Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a small world!

I don't know when this picture was taken. What a lovely picture! What a lovely couple!
I am so grateful I can call this lovely couple 'Mom and Dad'. (I am sitting here telling myself to type fast so the picture will scroll out of view, this is torture).....My Dad looks so healthy and well. I believe this was his favorite tie. It is his rugby tie. He wore it proudly.
Today, I had the pleasure to talk to an amazing woman from California. We are both demonstrators for Stampin' Up! and I work for them in their home office. She told me she liked my name. I told her I loved her name so much I called my daughter after her. :) Natalie knew I was from England (it must have been the accent :) and she asked me whereabouts in England. I told her near Leeds. She then proceeded to tell me all about her son, Elder Travis who was serving in the England Leeds Mission.
Natalie told me how her Mom had just passed away from breast cancer and I told her about my Dad's suffering. I also told her about the fact that my Dad had been a missionary for the past 40 years. :) I hope Elder Travis has the opportunity to serve in Hull.
I spoke to Dad very briefly today and he all he had the energy to say was "I love you, God Bless". I really miss our chats. I never thought I would say I would miss him talking about rugby or telling his jokes, even if he told the same ones over and over and over and over. :)
'Why do women live longer than men? Because they don't have wives!' (Sorry about that)
"We love you Dad"

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