Sunday, October 12, 2008

A great plan to honor John Sims

This picture was taken on the same day as the one from yesterday's post. We spent the morning in Hornsea. When I was in England in May, I spent every minute with my Dad. Wherever he went, I went with him. We had some great times. All happy memories for me. I truly am glad I went.

As soon as I took the picture of him (posted yesterday), he called Mom over to the bench so I could take a picture of them both. I teased him and asked him if he was missing her. :) If you know them well, you will know they are barely if ever apart from each other.

I am excited to tell you of a fun plan I have for this blog. There are so many memories. So many lives have been touched by my Dad that I am going to involve many people with the postings. Our friend Alan, posted a comment to yesterday's post that really got me thinking!

He wrote: 'You will probably be aware that your dad has asked me to speak at his funeral. I have spoken at funerals before where I have thought, "What can I say?" This time I am having to ask myself, "What do I leave out?"

I don't want anything left out here on the blog. I need everyone to share their memories with me. So this is my plan! Starting Monday!!

Monday - Missionary Monday! - So many missionaries have been touched by John (Rocky) Sims. He has helped so many. This day will be dedicated to posts from missionaries.

Tuesday - Terrific Tuesday! - Tonnes of Terrific things to post here!

Wednesday - Whacky Wednesday! - For those who know us well will know we have many whacky stories to share.

Thursday - Totally Awesome Thursday! - Lots of totally awesome memories to post.

Friday - Friendship Friday! - With as many friends as he has, we can keep this going for as many Fridays that this world has left.

Saturday - Super Saturday! - Lots of super memories to post here.

Sunday - Spiritual Sunday! - Many spiritual memories to post here.

For those of you reading this post, if you served in the England Leeds Mission, if you are a friend, if you have a memory or even something spiritual you would like me to post, please email me at I would love to feature you right here on this blog!

I have always known my Dad has touched many lives but during this past month or two people have shared with me memories that have really meant a lot to me.

We love you Dad!

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