Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in the United States of America.  I am so grateful to my Mom for all she has done and continues to do for me.  I know my Dad was a better man because of Valerie Houghton :)

My Dad had a great sense of humor and he would have really liked this - Sit back and enjoy :)

We love you Dad :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Re-connecting with friends through Facebook

Hello Family and Friends,
I am so excited :)

Just this week, I have re-connected with 2 Missionaries who my Dad loved and enjoyed sharing the gospel with.

(Elder) Lee Giboin from London and (Elder) Don Merrell from UT, now living in CO.
My heart is full as I remember these guys.  FACEBOOK, what a wonderful tool for re-connecting. 

Here is what Lee shaed in a message -

'Yes I remember your Father, ''Up the Robins !!! '' - I see John has passed on ... so sorry ... but I am so glad to have met him and yourself.
We (companion) returned for a visit sometime after and found you in your rebel phase. ( added by me ! ME- I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT haahahha )

There was a slight row in your home, you were upset and we walked with you.
You were mortified that you may have embarrassed your Father and it seemed to be a turning point for you.
After that next time I visited you were back on track.
You obviously had a great love and respect for your family especially your father even in your rebelious phase. I knew he found it tough and so the way you turned out really completed his happiness.

Here is what Don shared in a Facebook Message -

'I am so happy to reconnect with you but am very saddened by the news of John's passing. I have told stories about him and the rest of the Sims clan forever!'

and then later in an e-mail -

'I miss your dad a great deal, even more so now that I know it will be a while before I see him. Besides my converts, there a only a few people I loved as much as your dad. He made my mission so much more enjoyable, even after I left Hull. That's saying something, as I LOVED my mission, anyway! I spent several months in Hull (nearly six); John Sims was 'da Man! He was always willing, nay, eager to help us with his cheerful attitude and hard-work ethic! You are very blessed to have such rich heritage!

Maxine - I am so grateful for your finding and reconnecting with me. I would enjoy seeing you and reminiscing more about John 'Up the Robins' Sims, and Hull, and England, not to mention hearing that beautiful accent.'

This has been such a wonderful couple of days.  It has been so nice to re-connect and hear yet again wonderful things, wonderful memories shared. It sure has reminded me how wonderful it will be when we all meet again in the Heavenly realms above.  Friends on earth - Friends in Heaven!

Indeed what a rich heritage :)

We love and miss you Dad!