Monday, October 13, 2008

Missionary Monday

Elder Anthony Panek served in the England Leeds Mission and spent several months in the Hull 2nd Ward. When my parents came here for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2007, my Dad was so desperate to get in touch with Elder Panek. I had never met the guy nor did I know how to get a hold of him, but through modern technology, THE internet, I found him.
He came over to visit and spent time 'catching up' with Dad.

Here is what Anthony wrote:

I think more than anything what I think of most about John Sims is he never took himself or any situation too seriously. There were times when it called to be serious and he was, but I don't ever really remember a time when I saw him whether at their home, at church or out in the streets that the conversation didn't begin with a joke and I think that is something we could all learn from.

The second thing is that there was never one time that I ever questioned his faith. Not once. It didn't matter the commandment, the reason why or anything. He would do it the best he could and he believed it was right. It didn't matter what it was. It could've been that at general conference President Monson said, "the Lord wants us to wear green shoes always from here on out." He wouldn't ask for a reason or complain, he would just do it; not because it made sense to him or he liked the idea (green may have been his least favorite color for that matter) he would do it because the prophet of God said to and he knew if he did it he would be blessed. He knew what he knew and nobody was going to tell him different. He had the qualities of a true disciple of Christ and I, as well as countless others, am a better person because I was able to know, but even better, feel the spirit of John Sims.

Thank you for your kind words Anthony.

We love you Dad!

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