Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Smile...You're on GRANDAD'S camera

This is Samantha (Nicole Pickering). She is Rebecca's eldest daughter. Dad took this picture at Princes Quay (Shopping Mall in Hull).

Dad never really enjoyed shopping. Whilst the girls were in the stores, he would often sit on a bench and entertain himself. You could guarantee when you came out of a store, you would find him chatting to someone. Didn't matter who they were or where they came from, he could strike up a conversation with anyone. The conversation mainly consisted of jokes, Hull KR, church and more jokes.

He is very proud of this picture. I believe it is his favorite of Samantha. She is posing, he took the picture and loved it. Being a scrapbooker, the first thing I noticed was Samantha's shoe lace was untied. That would bother me scrapbooking :) Not Dad , things like this didn't ever bother him.

More pictures of Grandchildren to come. He has always been such a wonderful 'Grandad'.....I am heartbroken he will never be able to see any of them get married, or serve missions or have children of their own. Well actually, he will, we just won't be able to see him. :)

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