Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a cutie

This is a picture of Sienna (Gary's and Rebecca's youngest).

Sienna is Dad's youngest grandchild. She was born in May 2008 and I was very fortunate to have been in England for her arrival. She is so cute. I never saw her eyes when I was over there as she was always asleep.

Dad was always happy to welcome a baby in our family. I often think how he unfortuately will never see a great grand child. Unfortunately, he knew Sienna the least. He was ill when she was born and she has not got to play and enjoy time with him like the other grand children have. She never got to receive the daily chocolate bars (milky ways) nor the drives in the car or the swings in the air.

What Sienna will have is a life where her Grandad will always be talked about. A life where she will learn all about his sacrifice, his love, his honor and his name. She will hear many stories that will make her laugh and she will look forward, as we all will to the time when we will be re-united never to suffer pain or trials anymore. In our church when a baby is born, they are given a blessing and I am so happy that my Dad was always worthy to give us blessings. What a wonderful thing Sienna can always think about.......she was the last baby that Dad had the privilege of assisting in her blessing.

Using Sienna's name, here are more words to describe Dad:

S - Sacrifice : Dad has sacrificed so much in his life. Above all has been his time. He has always put everyone before himself and has sacrificed much.

I - Inspiring : Dad is a very inspiring person. He has studied and read and prayed about many things. He is an inspiration to all.

E - Example : Dad has been a great example throughout his life. He has always tried to live his life the best he could.

N- Nice : Dad is REAL Nice. Many people have described him as a very nice man. He always taught us to be nice to one another.

N- No Frills: Dad has always been a 'no frills' kinda guy. Monetary items were never important to him. It never mattered to him that he really didn't have money or wordly possessions.

A - Amazing : Dad truly is amazing. He has done more in his 60 odd years than most people who live to be in their 90's.

"We love you Dad"

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