Thursday, December 4, 2008

Seek ye out the best books

I have just stared at this picture for so long that my eyes are so teary, I could fill a bathtub!!!:)

One of my Dad's favorite past times, apart from kissing Val was to read. He absolutely loved reading. I don't remember how many books he has read but one thing I did take note of was on one of his visits here to UT, he read SIX THOUSAND PAGES. I have not read that in my entire life.

Dad only liked to read non fiction books. He loved reading books about Church History. Wherever he went he took his black bag with him which would always have at least two books in it. (And a chess set)

Every book he owned has his 'famous' signature on the inside cover. He always told us to write our name on the main inside cover. One particular story I remember him telling us when referring to where you should sign your name in a book was when he was wondering where a book of his had gone. He searched high and low and it bothered him that he couldn't find it. He remembered he had lent it to one of his friends so went to his house. The friend said he didn't have the book, that he had already returned it. Dad browsed the book shelf and saw the book. He opened it up and sure enough, his signature was there. Everyone who knew him well knew his 'distinct' signature. He knows the friend did not intentionally keep the book, but he was so thrilled to have his book back.

On all his visits here he loved going to the DI (Desert Industries). He loved to buy books and got so many at a wonderful price.

When I was a child, I asked my Dad why he liked to take me to the library so much. The library was very close to our house in Fortune Close. He told me he loved the books and when I got older he told me it was the one place he could take me where I had to be quiet ::)))

Dad has learned so much over his life and he knows all the books have really helped his knowledge.

"We love you Dad"

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