Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dad's little house

This was Dad's home when he came to visit us last year. We didn't leave him here in the middle of nowhere LOL. We bought some property in Fillmore (approx 100 miles away from where we live) to ride our 4 wheelers and go have fun. We leave this there but for Dad's stay we decided to bring it home. We are really glad we did as Dad was able to have peace and get his rest.

It was fully 'kitted' out for him. He had a TV and radio and games and books and it was heated. He really loved it. He spent most of his time with all of us but when he wanted to go for a nap he would do so.

One morning, whilst I was still in bed, I thought I could hear my Dad calling for my Mom. I heard a very faint voice "Val, Val". I thought I was hearing things but when I heard it again, I knew it was for real. I realized the voice was coming from outside. I opened the door and saw Dad lying on the snow covered ground on his front. It had snowed very hard in the day before and it was so cold. I didn't think to put any shoes on and ran outside in bare feet. Dad had slept in 'his little house' and he slipped when he was coming into the house. I picked him up off the floor and helped him in the house. I won't ever forget this memory. My little heart was breaking as I saw him lying there so helpless. Years ago he would have jumped to his feet and told everyone he was fine, but this time, he just couldn't.

I am just so grateful for the knowledge I have that one day, we will see him and live with again when he is free from pain and suffering.

"We love you Dad"

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