Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sisters, Sisters!

This picture was taken MANY years ago. I am not sure how old we were but Rebecca looks about 2 years old. The picture is so small but that is good as you won't be able to see me too closely :)

I know for sure it was taken in Bridlington. We spent so much time there as children. It could have been on a day out but more than likely would have been our yearly holiday. We always had so much fun together.

These past few months I have felt a bond so strong for her. She has had to endure many difficult challenges in her life, both physically and personally. I wish we could do 'sisterly' things but the 5,000 miles makes it quite difficult. We spend a lot of time chatting online and I always look forward to our chats.

It was fun growing up with Rebecca. When Mom was pregnant with her, Michael was praying for a boy and I was praying for a girl. Rebecca loved the color "Red". Whenever we would need new shoes, she always used to choose red ones. I told her I would start calling her 'Dorothy' if she didn't choose another color. She had such cute chubby cheeks. The kind that you just HAD to squeeze. I remember Dad pulling us on the sledge. There was Michael, Rebecca and I. We lived in Anson Road at the time and it was so funny when Rebecca fell off right into the snow.

Whenever Mom told her that she couldn't do something, she would always say "Daddy let me can." I got rather teary when she had the role of Mary in the Nativity at Neasden Primary School. The one line I remember her saying was "I can't go on". She did such a great job.

I remember when we lived in Fortune Close and we were bored....don't ya love that word? I called the Fire Dept (999 - equivalent of 911 in the US). I pretended to be an old guy and put on a voice letting the operator know our house was burning down and they must come quickly. I told them 'my wife' (who was Rebecca) was upstairs and she couldn't get out. Rebecca let out some squeals at my command. Finally I put the phone down and we moved onto something else.

Not too much later, there was a knock at the door. It was a police officer. GULP! GASP! HORROR! I felt that lump in my throat and suddenly felt very SICK. My Mom invited him in and he asked if an old man lived in the house. (All I kept thinking at this time was THANK GOODNESS DAD IS AT WORK). The police officer knew there wasn't an old man who lived there, I think he was just making me sweat it out.

Rebecca and I were sent to bed for the rest of the night. I believe it was around 5:30-6:00pm. I couldn't believe Mom actually did that, but I thought it would be good not to be around when Dad came home. I felt bad for Rebecca as it was all my idea but she was 'the lookout' :) This was the ultimate punishment for me. I would rather scrub floors all night or get a good ole smack BUT to go to my bed was like being put in prison. I will never forget that incident. We got a stern talking to when Dad came home.

Obviously there are many memories but another that I always laugh about was when Rebecca went for an interview. It was a babysitting job after school. She wanted me to go with her as she was very shy and when the lady invited us in she asked what her name was. I spoke right up "She's called Rebecca."

Rebecca was just like my Mom. Very quiet and rather shy. I on the other hand was just like my Dad. Loved to meet people and chatted to them as if I had known them for years.

Dad would always tell us he had a favorite oldest daughter and a favorite youngest daughter. We were both so very close to him as young children right up until now. Rebecca did not cause him much grief as a teenager but I sure gave him many sleepless nights.

"We love you Dad"

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