Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Scottish Waiter - Paul

A Restaurant Lance and I and our children enjoy going to is "Wingers". We know the Manager and Staff very well at our local one in Riverton.

Every Friday evening, Lance and I go for dinner together. With our busy schedules, this is the ONE definite thing that happens each week. We don't always go to Wingers but that is where we decided to go this evening. It is only 5 minutes away from our house.

They serve the best "Fish and Chips". Not like the good ole' British fish and chips by any standards but the best I can find here. The waiter we always ask for is "Paul". He is from Ayr in Scotland. He is so funny and has become a very good friend. Our first visit to the restaurant when it opened was a great experience, one that 'sealed' our friendship. I heard one of the waitresses say "You better not sit them at Paul's table, you know how the Scots and the Brits hate each other. I specifically asked to sit at Paul's table. :)

We hit it off right away. We spoke about Mrs Bucket (Bouquet) in the TV comedy, Keeping Up Appearances. We spoke about Whiskey (well he is a Scot) ha! We spoke about Britain and the Queen. At this point, I no longer felt hungry but felt like ordering a few whiskeys :) The main topic of conversation was Football, English Football..... and we mentioned Glasgow Rangers and Celtic for a brief moment.

Every time we go to the restaurtant, we always ask for Paul. Tonight when we went, Lance ordered his usual Mushroom Burger and I ordered the Fish and Chips. When the Manager came to chat with us, I told him the fish was absolutely beautiful. Paul quickly answered "WOW you must have been in the States a long time" :) That got us laughing. I then told them both the joke about the Chinese Jews. Click here if you missed it.

Instantly Paul said "Oh, already heard that one, your Dad told us it". I smiled and thought on the many times we had taken Mom and Dad to the restaurant. Dad loved the steak dinner. He loved his food piping hot and that came hot on a sizzling platter. I then thought back to all the jokes Dad had shared with the waiters and waitresses.

Paul then carried on the conversation by asking how Rovers were doing. I told him I had no idea. Dad used to keep me informed with the scores but I now have no idea what is going on in the rugby world.

Paul is very impressed with me as I gave up caffeine for my Dad. I used to drink approximately 8, 320z drinks of Dr Pepper daily. Yes I know, that's quite a lot. I was totally addicted to it. Before Dad left for England he told me he would really prefer me not to drink it anymore. When I say I would do anything for him, I really mean it. I gave it up. Right there and then. It will be one year since I drank any caffeine on January 7th 2009. Dad is the only one I would ever give up my favorite soda for.

"We love you Dad"

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