Monday, December 8, 2008

Missionary Monday

This picture was taken in either '98 or '99. I asked Elder Siebke (Top left) to write a memory of Dad and he told me to 'get some pictures from his album on facebook'.

Apart from his family, Dad loved Missionary work the most. He loved to help out the missionaries and did his very best for them, every one of them. He loved to talk about the church to everyone he met. He loved to especially talk about Joseph Smith, the Savior and eternal life.

Here is what Elder Siebke wrote:

When I think of Rocky John Sims, I always remember the first testimony meeting where he got up to bear his testimony and he said he didn't have a fancy or wordy testimony, he just knew that Jesus Christ lives and is our Redeemer and that God is our Father in heaven.

Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is true. That was it, but the spirit was so strong, I felt so strengthened by his testimony! I will never forget that.

And when he picked up Elder McKay and three other Elders for General Conference from our flat. The rear axle got stuck when entering the parking lot of the stake center and was basically ripped out. We all felt so bad for him.

Here is a picture of Harald and his wife and children. They live in Germany.

Thanks for sharing these memories with us. I remember the incident with his car. You know, one thing about my Dad, he never let things get him down. He enjoyed the conference just the same. He always told us as long as everyone is well and happy, it doesn't matter what else happens.

Now that you are not well and we are not happy, what now Dad? :(

"We love you Dad"

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