Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday GRANDAD SIMS

Back Row Left to Right: Uncle Alan, Uncle Dave, Uncle Geoff, Dad (John Sims)
Front Row: Grandma and Grandad (Hilda and George Sims)

108 years ago today, my Dad's Father, George Frederick Sims was born. I was absolutely heartbroken when he died in March of 1986. I was pretty close to him as I went to visit him many many times with Dad. This picture was taken at their Golden Wedding (I believe) celebration, Rosmead Street Club, Hull England.

I keep staring at Dad looking at how young he looks. :) I just love how he has his hand on his Father's shoulder.

Grandad was a relatively quiet man. He kept himself to himself and was a very kind hearted man. I remember many visits to their flat in Hucknall Garth, Bransholme. He loved horse racing and if I remember rightly, that is the only thing I ever saw on his TV. He liked to smoke and I used to be mesmorized as I watched him roll his cigarettes with Rizla paper and tobacco. He used to whistle and his favorite song was "Danny Boy". His very famous word was 'nutcase'. He often used that word. :)

We went to visit them when they moved into their bungalow in Maybury Road. Grandma Sims loved her tea. Her kettle was always on and their was always a pot of tea. She used to have orange juice in her fridge especially for my Dad and the kids. She was known for wearing hats. (I remember Grandad's hat was very normal for people to wear hats at that time)

Whenever she left the house, she would always wear one of her many hats and also was always cold so she wore more than one coat. I remember her having 'snuff' and as my Dad told me many times, she made the most wonderful 'Stew and Dumplings' (remember my Dad's favorite food).

When she passed away in 1983, Grandad was never the same. I remember him going to live in Pink Panther Nursing Home on Holderness Road. He was so dreadfully lonely and miserable without Grandma. On one of the many occasions when I was visiting with my Dad, (and I mean MANY....Dad would visit him every day and sometimes several times a day) my Dad asked him if there was anything he could do for him. Grandad lifted up the pillow and asked my Dad to put the pillow over his head..........:( In 1986, he literally died of a broken heart.

Dad has told us many times how much he missed his dear Mum and Dad and just could barely wait to see them again. Now when I think of my Dad so sick and close to death, my tears turn from those of sadness to joy as I think of him hugging his dear Mum and Dad as they are re-united.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Grandad

"We love you Dad"

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