Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Eve Treasured Memory

This picture was taken last Christmas Eve (2007) at Tom and Duane Young's home in Salt Lake City, UT. Duane, Tom, Karen and Mike Young, Mom and Dad.

The Youngs have been very good friends of our family. Mike served in the England Leeds Mission and Dad stayed at the Young's home when he first visited the US in 1975. They invited Mom and Dad to their home for their Christmas Eve family dinner. Again, Dad was not feeling well but NEVER ever let his friends down. Another of his sayings was "My word is my bond." If he said he would do something, he did it. No questions asked. When they came home that night, they both told me what a wonderful time they had and how great the dinner was.

One of my most treasured memories I have of my Dad occured on Christmas Eve in 1993. Unfortunately, I was at the beginning of a divorce at the age of 25. Natalie had just turned 3 and Kayleigh was 18 months. We lived in an apartment/flat. Dad came to visit us and it was not out of the ordinary. He came over almost every night to visit us, basically checking that everything was okay. This night, he asked if he could take a bath and I said of course he could.

Dad came out of the bathroom cleanly shaven wearing his pajamas. I looked at him and he simply said this: "I hope you don't mind love, I would like to stay the night. I can't bear to think of my daughter and grand daughters alone, especially on Christmas Eve."

We hugged each other and I went to bed that night again thanking God for blessing me with the most wonderful Dad in the world. I pondered then as I do now all the fabulous things my Dad had done for me and my family and basically anyone he came into contact with. I know he wanted to be home with my Mom that night. I know he wanted to be home with my brother and sister that night too but he thought about my situation and knew all would be well at home if he did what he did. What a legacy to pass down to his posterity.

When Natalie and Kayleigh woke up on Christmas morning, Grandad told them that Grandma had called him to let him know that Santa had dropped off all their presents at their house and we were to go over there as quickly as we could. We got ready and walked/ran over to their house (which was very close). Mom had everything taken care of. Gifts, warmth, big hugs and a lovely breakfast. (More details to follow in tomorrows post ;)

All the gold in the world could have been given to me that Christmas and it wouldn't have meant to me what that memory did and still does today.

~To me, this is what Christmas is all about. This is what being a Father/Daughter is all about~

"We love you Dad"

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