Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are there any Chinese Jews?

This picture was taken on August 2nd, 2007. We were celebrating Gary's birthday at China Red Chinese Restaurant.

Dad really did not enjoy eating out at this point as his stomach just felt so bad. However, he never complained and still came along with us and enjoyed the company. He still was cracking a few jokes and enjoyed being with his family.

Here is one of his jokes that I just always enjoyed listening to him tell. He put so much feeling into it and even added 'accents'.

"I was in a Chinese restaurant and I said to the waiter, "I have heard of American Jews, I have heard of Polish Jews, but I have never heard of Chinese Jews. Do you know if there is such a thing?"
The waiter looked puzzled and said he wasn't sure but he would go and ask.

A few minutes later, he came back and said "We have Orange juice and Apple juice, but no Chinese juice."

Oh to hear my Dad tell that joke was so awesome. I can hear his voice telling it right now. I don't have any regrets considering all the times I have spent with Dad, however, I really do wish I had recorded him telling all his jokes. It would have been so wonderful.

I wouldn't be able to listen to them or watch him at the moment but in time to come, I really would have loved to have seen him laughing as he told his jokes.

"We love you Dad"

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savery711 said...

I'm laughing out loud thinking of the way Rocky would've delivered this story...that's excellent!