Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somebody's watching me

This picture was taken at Pizza Hut in St. Andrews Quay. Hull, England - August 2007.

Today I had my yearly eye exam, I wore contact lenses for a while but did not really like them so it is back to the glasses. Due to the fact that I spend so much time reading and working on a computer, I guess I will need to wear them most of the time now. I chose a really nice Ralph Lauren pair and was very shocked at the cost of them. I figured they were worth it due to the fact that I really NEEDED them and it wasn't a want :) (Well that's how I justified it to Lance :)

I have been thinking back to how I used to have to wear my little pink glasses as a child. As I got older, the choice of glasses dramatically improved and I remember having eye exams and pretending I couldn't really see all the letters during the exam so I could choose a really 'cool' pair of glasses. It reminded me how Dad had told me during one of his exams, the optician asked him if he could read the letters in the box on the wall. Dad said "Letters! I don't even see the box" Of course he was joking, but it sure made the Optician laugh. I remember going to the Opticians. I cannot think of the name of the street nor the name of the Opticians but I do remember exactly where it was. I remember watching my Dad as he would hold the paper up to his eyes and think "What is he doing?" NOW I know exactly what he was doing.

A little while back, I asked my Mom if I could have two of my Dad's things when the time comes. The two things I asked for were his glasses and his watch. You can see the watch in this picture. Click here to see the glasses
I would like the glasses to remind me of how he could always 'see' the things people were in need of. His eyesight wasn't the best, but his focus was always on doing what was right, doing what was good and doing what was expected.
I would like the watch to remind me of the countless hours he spent helping others and especially his family. Nothing was too great to ask! He did everything he was asked (if it was good) and without complaint.

With these two things, I will look forward to the 'time' when I will 'see' Dad again.....free from pain and suffering and hear him say what I have heard him say for years........... "Hiya Love"

"We love you Dad"

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