Saturday, December 27, 2008

A vacation to be remembered

One of my Dad's greatest attributes, and believe me has many is a giving heart. He never owned any earthly treasures (apart from my Mom, and he didn't own her but she is his greatest treasure) and always gave what he had. There were many occasions when Dad would give me money when I lived as a single parent. He would leave it some place in my home then call to tell me to look in this certain place :) He did so much for me with regards rides/lifts, watching my children, literally everything I stood in need of. I would always tell him that one day when I got rich I would pay him back big time.

Well years later, I am not rich but I am able to do things for my parents to help them and pay them back slightly for all they have done for me. One day I called my parents and told them that I wanted them to go for a vacation/holiday. I told them to choose where they would like to go and let me know the cost.

Dad had found out that he had his cancer and I wanted to do something special. Mom and Dad had been to visit us in 2006, he found out about his cancer in November 2006 and then we were planning a family trip to England to surprise him in 2007. I wanted him and my Mom to go somewhere together. I knew they would not simply go some place and forget the brutal truth about his illness but I knew this would be appreciated and they would go and enjoy it the best they could.

They chose to go to the 'Shanklin Beach Hotel' in the Isle of Wight. I heard so many times how much they really enjoyed this break away. They were always saying 'Thank you' and how grateful they were for this chance to get away. I am so grateful to Lance who has been so selfless in allowing me to help my parents enjoy time together. Of course I had to marry someone who was like my Dad who always wanted to help others.

"We love you Dad"

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