Monday, December 22, 2008

Missionary Monday

I know you cannot see the picture very well. I will change it but wanted to be sure to post today.

The picture was taken at the MTC in Preston, England in 1999. Jared was leaving to go on his mission to Johannesburg, South Africa for 2 years.

There was a meeting that we were invited to where the Missionaries who were already at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) sang "The Armies of Helaman". I played the piano. Everytime I have heard that song since then I have thought of Jared.
When we said our goodbyes and there were many tears, we went to Burger King for lunch. I remember I couldn't eat anything......see Jared was my best friend at this time and the thought of not seeing him for 2 years was unthinkable.
Three weeks later when Jared was leaving for South Africa (He had to spend 3 weeks at the MTC) my family went to the airport to say goodbye to Jared before leaving for South Africa. This time I did not go. I had already said Goodbye and I could not do it again. I couldn't bear it.

Jared had been a very good friend to me all his life. Ever since the day I left him in the toilets on Savoy Road. (Long story, but at least you know I went back for him :) We had so much in common. I just loved spending time with him. He was the one who got me into football. He was the one who got me into listening to groups such as Metallica and Rush. There are far too many memories to write in this one post. There are so many I really wouldn't know where to start.

Jared was really good about writing whilst he was in South Africa. I used to receive a letter at least once a week. I was much better at writing to Jared than I was Michael. This was mainly due to the fact that I was much older and I had an appreciation for how wonderful it was to receive letters at this point.

It wasn't as easy for Mom and Dad to go to pick Jared up when he was finished due to the fact he was in South Africa. We went to Manchester airport to pick him up. We were all so very excited to see him.

Dad was very proud of both his sons for serving missions. It was something he always wished he could have done. He missed them both very much and would tell us all the time :) He was very good with his letter writing and kept them up to date with everything that was happening at home.

Jaz, do you remember when Dad asked that young lad where your bike seat was in Hull Station? :)

"We love you Dad"


Alan Tong said...


Your dad HAS served a mission. It's just a slightly different one. He has served forty years as a missionary, and most of it in Hull. Sending two sons on a mission is also a mission in itself. You make a sacrifice in time missing your sons and also in financial means to sustain them there.

Your father has always preached the Gospel.

To non-members he would converse easily and well about the Church.

To missionaries he would always be a willing companion, and take them various places. He would teach with them, and testify to their investigators.

To local members he would be a great example of how to live the Gospel, and how to be a willing worker in the Kingdom.

To those of us who went on missions from Hull, he sent uplifting, edifying letters on a regular basis, letting us know that we were remembered and loved.

Those that serve two years, or eighteen months will never achieve, or sacrifice, what your dad's 40 years of service and sacrifice have achieved.

As I said, your dad HAS served a mission. I know that the Saviour, and His Father, know that too.

Maxine Conrad said...

Alan, you are 100% right. He has served a 40 year mission :)