Friday, December 26, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This picture was taken Christmas 2007 at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, UT.

Lance had a camera and I had a camera. Mom decided to look at Lance and Dad was not sure where to look. ;)

Today in Great Britain and something I have been used to all my life was Boxing Day. I let Lance know when I married him and moved here that I would be celebrating the 4th of July so he needed to celebrate Boxing Day with me. He was happy to oblige. I am always amazed when I am asked if we have the 4th of July in England. I say "Of course we do, it is after the 3rd and before the 5th!" What can say I am my Father's daughter :) We always buy a family gift for Boxing Day and this year we bought a karaoke machine.

What a blast we have had. Our house has had a 'not too wonderful Mommy' lately. I have not wanted to do much as far as family things go. I have been rather emotional and I am telling you we have sang all day. It was so fun to listen to Natalie (our 18 year old) sing-a-ling-ling all day to all kinds of different music. My turn...........Abba "Super Trouper" was my song. Oh boy did I belt that out. We may audition for American Idol soon. :)

Suddenly, I thought of Dad (which is not unusual) and what a "Super Trouper" he has been all his life. I had my usual chat with Mom today. I was in my bedroom telling her I could hear everyone singing in the family room and how it had been the first day in a long time I actually felt like laughing, singing and dancing. She assured me that is what my Dad would want and expect me to be doing. Mom told me how it is getting harder for her. She didn't mean in physically caring for him but it is getting harder for her to watch him get weaker and weaker. Dad doesn't talk now but when he does, he says "I love you" and "Thank you". I made her laugh by talking about memories and fun things. I asked her why you couldn't appreciate parents when you are a teenager :)

Last Boxing Day we went to the 'Brewsters'. They live in Bountiful, UT. Craig was a missionary in England when I was just a toddler. It is always a treat when we go to dinner at their house as they set their table in good ole' England style. It spotts a bobby hat (Police hat) and a Winston Churchill figurine. Laurie cooks a beautiful dinner, she and her daughters are the best servers! My Mom always makes the trifle which is a big hit and Dad and Craig reminisce from years gone by. There will be a post for Missionary Monday with Craig's thoughts coming soon.

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"We love you Dad"


Alan Tong said...

Hi Maxine, Does Craig still live in the South Canyonlands Estate? We visited him there once.

Maxine Conrad said...

Yes Alan he does....:) It continues to be a small world. Craig is one of the most humble men I know. My Dad loved going to visit Craig at work.