Friday, December 5, 2008

I scream, you scream, 3 kids scream for ice-cream

This is a picture of John, Samantha and Brooke. Three of John's grandchildren.

Just moments before this picture was taken, John had 'lost' his ice-cream. He was so excited to get to the bench for the picture. I was so impressed that he still wanted to have his picture taken as we looked at the ice-cream on the floor. Might have been a different story had it been one of the girls :)

3 cousins who now live in different countries. John in the US, Samantha in England and Brooke in South Africa.

John is sporting a Hull City shirt that Jared and Candace bought for him. Little did we know at the time that Hull City would now be in the Premiership! That is totally amazing to me. I remember how Mike (my brother) and his friend Simon would go to the games when they were in the bottom division in the pouring rain. True supporters. Amazing how many fans turned into supporters once they got into the Premiership. Of course I want Hull City to do well but I am still a Manchester Utd fan at heart.

These 3 mean the world to my Dad as do all his grandchildren. So many times I wish he could have seen them grown up. Soon, he will be able to watch all 3 of them grow up even though they all live in different countries.

"We love you Dad"

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