Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lunch Time

This was one of the last lunches we had together at our house before Mom and Dad returned to England. The last week of their stay always was so hard on all of us as we knew it was going to pass so quickly.

Dad loved sandwiches. He loved salad cream. We had to go to the London Market downtown to get some especially for him as I can't stand the stuff......can you believe that before I moved to the US, I ate salad , DRY! OK maybe you can believe it ;) I now like dressing but my friends do laugh at the fact that I do not like cheese.....I love cheese in a cold cut sandwich but melted cheese and meat forget it! So no lasagne, cheeseburgers, and forget Mexican food as that consists of cheese! AND macaroni and cheese, well that has to be voted the #1 worst food of all time.

Dad loved Branston Pickle on his sandwich and onion, he could never have too much onion on his sandwich. He loved tomatoes. After our roast beef dinners on Sunday we use up the extra meat on sandwiches and Dad just loved roast beef.

All the other times they had spent with us, well I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw them again. This time I knew it would be my Dad's last visit here to the US. He really did well to get here this time. I know he did not feel like that long haul flight but he did it and the reason he did it was due to his love for us. I kept telling him (and for many months afterward) how grateful I was to him for making the effort.

I called my Mom as usual today and she asked my Dad if he wanted to speak to me, he told me that he loved me and that was so good to hear. To hear that was more precious than all the gold in this world. I had to listen carefully as he has no energy to speak and it is just a faint whisper but I heard it!!!!

I know my Mom won't like this picture! She does not like any picture of her and as I have said before I will run out of pictures very quickly when it is time to have a blog for her. :) I love her no matter what she looks like on a picture.

I asked my Dad if he was offering a special kind of blessing on his food.....hey and I didn't even make it! :)

"We love you Dad"

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