Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Answers to "Who wants to be a Johnnyaire"

Well how did you do? Here is a re-cap of the questions followed by the answers in story form. A big THANK YOU to all those of you who played along. I was amazed at how many of my friends who don't know my Dad too well, some have never even met him. Yet they still joined in. I was so impressed.

Ten pounds will be donated to the LDS Perpetual fund suggested by Alan Tong in England and $10 will be sent to Vicky Morgan in Riverton Utah and to Carol Marbach in Hickory Corners, Michigan as they were joint winners. Well Done!

"What is John's favorite color?"a) Blue b) Green c) Brown d) Grey

"What was John's favorite food"?a) Fish and Chips b) Chilli Con Carne c) Stew and Dumplings d) Pizza

"What was John's favorite drink"?a) Dandelion and Burdock b) Lemonade c) Coca-Cola d) Apple Juice

"What was John's favorite chocolate bar?"a) Milky Way b) Bounty c) Snickers d) Mars

"Who is John's favorite Film Star?"a) Marlon Brando b) John Wayne c) Alan Ladd d) Clint Eastwood

"Who is John's favorite singer?"a) Elvis Presley b) Dean Martin c) John Denver d) Buddy Holly

"What is John's favorite sport?"a) Rugby Union b) Golfc) Cricket d) Rugby League

"What is John's favorite game?"a) Checkers b) Chess c) Cluedo (Clue in the US) d) Monopoly

"What was John's first car called?"a) Cadillac Jack b) Mini Martin c) Mazda Mike d) Jaguar John

"What is John's favorite pastime?"a) Going to the Movies b) Kissing Val c) Collecting coins d) Stamp collecting

All in fun........

Once upon a time John decided to wear his "GREEN" shirt. He was so excited when Val told him she had made "STEW AND DUMPLINGS" for dinner. When asked what he would like to drink, John said "LEMONADE" would be just fine.

After a wonderful meal, he and Val wondered what kind of movie they would watch. Once he had digested, he wanted something sweet as he had not had dessert. He remembered he had a "SNICKERS" in his coat pocket that he had bought along with his Hull Daily Mail at corner shop.

He and Val sat on the sofa and snuggled together as they watched the movie with "ALAN LADD" as the main star. After the movie, he switched on the radio to listen to "DEAN MARTIN".

He was going to go to bed but kept thinking about the video that his brother, Geoff had brought round for him. It was his favorite team, Hull KR playing "RUGBY LEAGUE". His brother-in-law, Gordon came over for a game of "CHESS" and it ended in a stale mate. As Gordon was leaving, John asked him if he knew how many cars he had bought in his life. Gordon couldn't answer that question. Dad told him he would never forget his first car, "CADILLAC JACK."

His favorite time had come, he spent the rest of the night "KISSING VAL".

"We love you Dad"

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