Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas......

This picture was taken December 2007 at Gardner Village in West Jordan, UT.

Can't you just tell this couple are in love? After being together over 50 years that love has never faltered. I think of how they have been such good examples to me and how different my life would have been without them.

Just look at the clear blue sky. It was a beautiful day! Have you ever had one of those days you wish you could re-live? This would be one of mine for sure. We had such a nice time just walking around and going into all the cute little shops. Click here to read more about Gardner Village.

I LOVE this picture. We had a wonderful day shopping. Shopping was never Dad's favorite thing to do but he did anything that my Mom enjoyed doing. He would prefer to go shopping with her rather than stay at home and not have her by his side. He literally rolled his eyes and shook his head when we went into the shoe shop. I believe between Mom and I we are talking about about 150 pairs of shoes.

This takes me back many years ago to when I bought a pair of shoes from "Furmans" in Saville Street, Hull, England. I decided after I had bought them that I didn't really like them so I took them back. The sales assistant told me I couldn't have a refund even though I produced my receipt. I asked why and she said their policy was no refunds. I told my Dad about this and he said "Come on love, I will get you your money". We went into the shoe shop and my Dad explained how I had not worn the shoes and was wanting a refund. Again the assistant told us we couldn't have a refund. My Dad then asked for the Manager. The Manager came over to us and he too refused the refund. Dad sat down on a chair and told the Manager we would not be leaving the store until we received our refund.

There was no sign in the shop nor on the receipt stating that refunds were not issued. I sat down next to my Dad and the Manager knew we meant business. He then told us he was going to call the Police if we did not leave the store. I told the Manager to go ahead and call the Police as we weren't leaving without our refund. The Police arrived and had a word with the Manager and then with us. Within minutes the Manager came over with my money.

This experience taught me a great deal. It taught me that I had a Dad who did not back down. I had a Dad who wasn't afraid to stand his ground. I loved him for that. That was a memory he didn't forget. He would often ask if I remembered the experience. I said "Yes I do and will never forget it".

Thank you my sweet, dear Mother for all you are doing for Dad. My heart breaks to think of how you feel at this time.

May God bless you both

"We love you Dad"

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