Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fish and Chips

When people ask what I miss most about England, I obviously say my family. The next thing I miss is FISH AND CHIPS. Not particularly Bob Carver's fish and chips however.

Next to Dad's favorite dinner of stew and dumplings, fish and chips was next. When I visited England in May, I went to York with Mom and Dad and Dad and I decided we would share our fish and chips. We were certainly glad we shared them as they were AWFUL. The funny thing is Dad and I never forgot it. We talked about it pretty much all the day and then afterwards.

I always look so forward to fish and chips when I go over to England and our favorite place now is the fish and chip shop in Portobello Street. Dad used to always talk about rugby with the owner when we went in.

Michael lives in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Whitby is a seaside resort and they cook fresh fish caught right there in the sea. Lance was amazed at the size of the fish when we went to visit. The large plate was not even big enough for the fish.

We took Mom and Dad to 'Skippers' for fish and chips when they came to visit us. Dad looked at it and asked if it was goldfish and chips :)

"We love you Dad"

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