Monday, December 29, 2008

Missionary Monday

Dad took this picture of me (Dec 2007). He offered to clear all the snow and ice off the car but I was so worried about him falling. I thanked him for offering and told him I would do it.

He loved to drive to the library and the grocery store and I was always reminding him to be sure to drive on the right. On this occasion he wanted to go to the Temple. I asked Mom if she wanted to drive my van and she just smiled.

Dad could literally be known as a taxi driver. He has spent much of his life driving around. He loved to drive but more importantly, he loved to help others. One memory comes to mind.
It was Christmas time and I don't remember the exact year but probably late '90's.....

Missionary Mondays will include memories of how Dad loved to share his beliefs with others.

Dad had a very good friend called Kelvin Spencer. He lived in Bilton and Dad would visit him on numerous occasions. Dad was always trying to reactivate him and get him going back to church. Kel would offer some very sincere prayers.

One evening we took Kel to a family Christmas party in Kirkella. I believe it was his brother's house. On the way back to his house, we were all laughing and joking. Dad was driving, Kel was in the passenger seat and Jared and I were in the back. Dad was laughing so hard and was driving a little too fast for the weather conditions that we went right off the road into the field. Kel thought it was hilarious and because he was a little tipsy/drunk, he had no clue that Dad was driving a little fast and blamed the other drivers :)

Dad mentioned that story for many years. He knows how very lucky we were because if there had been a wall there we would have smashed right in to it. Kel was a wonderful man. He always treat us all really nice and had lots of goodies and soda pop for our visits. Dad told us how once they were sat in a Priesthood meeting and Kel took a can of pepsi out of his bag and opened it and started to drink it. That really amused Dad. They came to visit me when I lived in Somerset and Kel made a wonderful chicken curry. I asked Dad why he never cooked anything and he reminded me of the meat pies he once cooked whilst Mom was in the hospital. I told him to leave Kel to the cooking :)

Kel died of cancer in 1998. He was always very good to my Dad, as Dad was to Kel. I know it's going to be a great reunion for them both.

"We love you Dad"

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