Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm the King of the Castle!

In May 2006, we celebrated Mom's birthday in Las Vegas. (See post #3). We went to "Red Rock". What a great view. It was such a hot day. We have lots of memories of Las Vegas.
On this trip, we walked through a Casino to go to lunch and I saw my Dad by a slot machine. As my Dad does not gamble, I wondered what he was doing. I walked over to him as he was chatting with someone (that was no surpise) he loved to chat with anyone. As he was walking through the casino, he saw somebody sitting at a slot machine that he thought was me. (Big sigh!)
He tried to take a Credit Card out of the machine when he realized it was not me. I am really glad the woman had a good sense of humor as it would not have looked good if the headlines read "British tourist caught trying to steal a credit card in a casino."
I would gamble everything I own and max out every credit card to have my Dad well again. :)

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