Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of John's favorite past times!

One of the many things Dad really looked forward to and enjoyed going to was 'CAR BOOT'. If you look closely, you will see the back of Dad in the very middle of the picture (Pale green shirt and black trousers (pants).

Every Saturday morning he would go to Craven Park (Homeground of his beloved 'Hull Kingston Rovers') and every Wednesday morning to Walton Street. (Homeground of the famous 'Hull Fair.') This picture was taken at the latter.

Dad enjoyed going for the walk around. He especially liked seeing his friends there. He had a certain route that he would take so he got to see every table that was there. Not everybody used the car 'boot'. (known as trunk to my American friends) Many set up their items on tables. Dad always loved a bargain, much to my Mom's dismay. She always wondered what he would bring home with him.

Whilst I was visiting England this past May, I went to both of these venues. Gary, my brother in law came with us (or rather I went with them :) to the Walton Street car boot.

We walked by a few tables that had hundreds of DVD's, games etc. laid out on the tables. (I later realized the DVD's and games were not in the 'empty' packets.)

Gary said to me "Oh Max, you want to see them move when the Police show up." (They were 'dodgy' dealers, basically pirating.) Not a minute passed when black bags came from nowhere and the dodgy dealers started throwing all their 'gear' into them as fast as lightnin'. (This is when I realized they were empty cases/packets). The DVD's and games were all in the truck so the 'dodgy dealers' could 'ensure' a quick getaway.

Just as Gary had told me, here came the Cops! We heard one of them say "These guys think we were born yesterday."

We looked at each other with raised eyebrows and burst out laughing.

My famous saying to Dad everytime I went with him was "Oh Dad, I wouldn't even steal anything from this lot, never mind pay for it." :)

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