Friday, September 19, 2008

The DARK game!

It's amazing what you remember when you think about things. One thing I will always remember and I know Michael, Rebecca and Jared will too is when we used to play games. Our all time favorite was the 'dark' game.

Obviously we don't have any pictures of the dark game but many memories. It was a very cheap game, probably the cheapest as we didn't even use any electricity. All the lights were turned out, we all had to go and hide. Often we would hide behind the couch but Dad was onto that real quick......we would lay down or crouch in the corner. We would keep still in anticipation. Often we would hold our breath. Other times we would hold our noses to stop us laughing.

Dad would then proceed to find us. We wondered who would be 'caught' first. As soon as he got hold of you he would tickle you.........he would tickle you until you could laugh or scream no more.
I remember on one occasion, to avoid being caught I would leave the room as soon as he started to tickle one of my siblings. Nobody heard me leave as there was so much laughing and screaming :)

To me this was one of the best games we ever played. Dad didn't really enjoy playing BORED games as he called them.

We will get to his favorite game in another post "Chess". When I was a child I used to think there could be no other game as boring as that one. It was a game you could take a nap during the middle of it and wake up and the other person was still wondering where to move his piece.

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