Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dad's coming to America!

I love the song by Neil Diamond 'Coming to America.'

In 1975, whilst Dad was serving as Bishop of the Hull 2nd Ward, he had the opportunity to go to General Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. He traveled with Ian Swanney who was the Stake President of the Hull England Stake. Dad has told us many wonderful things that happened during his visit. One was having his picture taken with President Hinckley (who was Elder Hinckley at the time) and Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Another was having a personal interview with Marvin J. Ashton and Mark E. Petersen. He stayed with a wonderful family the "YOUNG" family in Salt Lake City. Tom and Duane's son was serving a mission in England. Duane was the Relief Society General President at the time. Just like Jerry Bott, (the missionary who baptized my Dad) he has kept in touch with the Youngs and has enjoyed several visits with them since first meeting them.

I don't remember much with regards Dad being gone, (I had just barely turned 7 years old) but I do remember very clearly the day he came home and the taxi pulled up outside of our home in Anson Road.

Dad brought us all gifts from the great country, America! He bought me a globe which I absolutely loved. I used to look at where England was and then the United States and didn't quite comprehend just how far apart these Countries were. (After many flights to and from England, I now comprehend very well how far apart they are :)
Another gift was a bat and ball. I loved that and played with that many times in our garden.

Dad, was it '75 you went to Salt Lake City? :)

Dad has shared his experiences with so many people that he jokingly asks us what year it was he went.

How did he cope without his precious wife Val for a week?

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