Monday, September 15, 2008

Costa Del Brid

Ask any of John's kids what their favorite memories are and each one would tell you our "Summer Holidays" and days out at the beach. We can remember them back way back when!

This picture is Dad and Rebecca. A trip to the beach was not complete without a ride on a donkey. We laugh at the short ride you seem to get on one these days. Not that we have gone on a donkey ride lately :) but simply observing or by putting our own children on them.

Our holidays were for the most part in Bridlington on the East Coast. My friends would often tell me at school were they were going and they all seemed so much more exotic than Brid. The older I got, the more I realized how much fun we really had. We used to spend a week, sometimes two in a caravan. We always had lots of fun and really looked forward to going. We enjoyed eating fish and chips, knickerbocker glory's, playing with the sand, building sandcastles, burying each other and watching my Dad just run out into the sea and dive right in. At the time we went into the sea, my Mom could not be seen. I don't think I ever saw her go in the sea. Maybe to 'dip her feet in' , but that would be it. The nearest she would ever get to a fish would be the one that got battered and ended up on a plate with some chips!
I really miss those days.

Our Parents didn't have a lot of money but you could guarantee we always got to go on holiday (aka vacation.) We will always be grateful for those holidays, the fun times we had and the memories we now have!

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