Monday, September 22, 2008

A lesson in spelling!

Dad was getting gas (petrol). After I picked myself up off the floor after fainting when seeing that gas was ONE POUND TWELVE PENCE a LITER (litre). I couldn't resist getting a picture of this whilst I was in England in May. This was taken in Hull, Southcoates Lane. We were going to Beverley for the afternoon.

This picture was taken at Beverley Westwood. We were hoping to have ice-cream but the only food vendor there was 'Roy'. We were sat in the car just chatting when Dad and I spotted this spelling error and chuckled. I always joke around that the Americans can't spell. I told Dad to go stand by the 'error' so I could get a picture.

I kept a look out for 'Roy' just in case he decided to come out of his van to see what we were doing. :)

Americans spell many words minus the 'u'. Color/Colour, Favorite/Favourite. In the Bible, Saviour is spelt with a 'U'. There is NO Saviour without 'U'.

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