Monday, September 8, 2008

A visit to Castle Dale, Utah

Last year, my Mom & Dad came to visit us for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Dad's birthday fell during the Thanksgiving Holiday and what a lot we had to be thankful for.
Lance took them to Castle Dale, Utah, to visit Jerry and Jeffrey Bott. Yes they look alike, they are twins. Dad is standing next to Jerry. Mom & Dad are standing on a step so Jerry and Jeffrey did not look too out of place, being tall. :)

Both Jerry and Jeffrey served missions for the LDS Church in England. Jeffrey was in the South and Jerry was in the North. Being that they are twins, they were privileged to serve missions at the same time.

One particular wintry evening (which is every evening except for July and August in England LOL) "Elder" Bott (Jerry) and "Elder" Tolley (Ben) were knocking on doors in my Parents' neighborhood. They knocked on their door and my Mom answered. She told them my Dad was not at home and could they call back another time. They arranged to come over another evening. Mom mentioned to Dad that two Americans had been by earlier. (YIKES, one was a Canadian, but she didn't know that at the time...) Dad asked, "What were they selling?" Mom said they weren't selling anything and that she had invited them to come back.

There was a knock on the door and the two missionaries looked embarrassed as they realized it was the same house they had knocked on earlier that evening. (The neighborhood really was a maze so it was understandable). They were invited in and that was the beginning of the next 40 years and indeed the rest of their lives. (And the next)

Jerry and Dad have kept in touch with each other all these years later. Jerry has a rock in his front yard that Dad gave him to remember him by, on one of his visits.

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